A Financial Update and Needs

Returning from our January survey, here are the needs brought to our attention for the 2020 year:

4 houses (4 families are living in stick huts that would like to be turned into concrete homes. We celebrate that 3 houses have been provided for! Praise God!

Marta – A kindergarten teacher who works for free in Cebu. Government restrictions only allow one teacher for every 40 students. So although Marta works for a high volume of students, it does not qualify as enough students for her to be paid by the government. A typical teaching wage in the village is about $200-$230 per month.

Fátima – Similar situation as Marta, but in another village, Evenecer. Fátima was being supported by a grant given by an Advent supporter, but those funds will be exhausted at the end of this month. A typical teaching wage in the village is about $200-$230 per month.

Scholarship Students – Advent partners with a school in Honduras called “Ponce” (pon-say) and provides scholarships for students. Scholarships provide money for food, travel, and school supplies. Steve Herriman is the point person for this ministry.

Bibles – Spanish Bibles, preferably the NTV (Nueva Traducción Viviente) or NVI (Nueva Versión Internacional). The NTV is comparable to the New Living Translation, and the NVI is comparable to the New International Version. Larger print is helpful since many have poor vision and/or literary skills. Paperback is fine.

Bridge – Another small bridge is needed at another point in Cebu to cross over high flooding and sewage. We do not currently have an estimate on the price.

We always appreciate the support each of you provide for this mission. We want you to know that the provisions you give are an answer to prayer and a constant sign of God’s grace. Please know that these provisions are not a means to an end in themselves. That is, the Good News is the center of each ministry, whether that’s building projects, or education. You can learn more about that in some of our other blog posts.

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