How it All Began

Advent has been involved with at least one village, Cebu, in Honduras since 2009. The journey began when a woman (we call her “Saint Georgia”) from Advent felt the need to build a house. She wasn’t sure where, but sensed with great force the need to do so. After scouting different places and connections for a time, she and another woman traveled to Honduras. It was there that they were to build a house.

A summer had passed before construction began. Concrete block after concrete block was laid in the hot sun. Soon, what was once a stack of grey blocks was now a house, which was then inhabited by a widow, which then made a house a home. Alejandraia was so thankful for her new abode. She cried out, “Thank you for building me a house! I knew you would come! I have been praying to God for two years to please send someone to build me a house. He did. And now you all are here.” It was at that point that one of the ladies from Advent’s team exclaimed to Saint Georgia, “It’s been two years since you started saying we were supposed to build a house somewhere. Could it really be!?” Then the team cried tears of joy together. 

Alejandraia was able to live in that house for a year before she died from an illness. Her son, Concepción, now lives there with the memories of his mother and Advent. But more than a memory, Advent is able to continue in relationship and ministry there. As a matter of fact, Advent can be found in those humid, green mountains every year. Praise God!

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